Pre Race Information

All age Categories / groups less than 20 riders will also qualify for 50% prize money in 175km, 70km and 35km · All riders entering the 175km race must have a Minimum of a CSA membership or racing licence to participate. Racing Licence riders will be seeded ahead of membership riders in each group will start at the back in their respective age/category · All riders participating in the 175km MUST BE 18 years and older. · All junior riders must enter the 70km and 35km · Cut-off times for each stage will be 3 hours. · NO HELMET, NO CHIP, NO RIDE · The Cycling South Africa commissaire’s and time – keeping chip decision is FINAL.


A – Elite Men (AGE 19-29)
T – Tandems
( Men – TA, Woman – TB and Mixed – TC)
C – Sub Veterans Men (AGE 30-39)
D – Veteran Men (AGE 40-49)
E – All Ladies
F – Masters Men (AGE 50-59)
F – Grand Masters (AGE Men 60 +)
G – Open

Ladies not compteting for prize money can start in Open Group for Fun.

U/15 (AGE 14 & 15)
U/17 (AGE 16 & 17)
S/VET (AGE 30 TO 39)
VET (AGE 40 TO 49)

All men and woman age category prize money will be equal

U/13 (AGE 12 & 13 )
U/15 (AGE 14 & 15 )
U/17 (AGE 17 & 18)
S/VET (AGE 30 TO 39)
VET (AGE 40 TO 49)

All men and woman age category prize money will be equal  

Road Closures

Saturday 8th June 2019 Road closed at 06:00


Intersection to N1 traffic circle 06:00 to 08:30
Rissik Street and Anderson Street 06:00 to 17:00 (road regulated)
Witvlag & Blugumspoort turn-off 06:00 to 09:00
Musina turn-off 06:00 to 11:00
Dzanani/Nzhelele turn-off 06:00 to 09:00
R521 Alldays to Vivo 09:00 to 14:00 (road regulated)
Buysdorp/Tshikwarani 07:00 to 16:00 (road regulated)
Tshikota (road regulated)
Vivo entrance (road regulated)
Louis Trichardt Entrance (road regulated)
Ambulances will be at each stage in between and at main venue.
Traffic lead vehicles leaves 20 minutes before race starts to make sure road is clear and safe before every start. and will followed by Police, then another traffic vehicle behind each group.

Roads will open as soon as sweeper vehicle has come passed. REMEMBER CUT-OFF TIMES APPLY

Road Safety

NB! – NO VEHICLES will be allowed between cyclists.

Vehicles traveling on the route should be either be before or after the traffic vehicles. Only vehicles with OFFICIAL SUPPORT(ER) STICKERS will be allowed on route REGISTER AND PAY ONLINE WITH ENTRY ONLY – NO STICKERS AVAILABLE ON RACE WEEKEND

ZERO TOLERANCE will be applied as to increase the safety of our cyclist. REMEMBER cyclist have right of way, therefore after all cyclist have passed (a sweeper vehicle will follow the cyclists), offenders will be taken off the route and prosecuted. ALL supporters vehicles must leave 20 minutes before the start of each stage.

Come and join in the festival vibe! Stalls and beer garden available all weekend.

Starting Times

A - 06:30 Elite Men            
T - 06:35 Tandems *          
C - 06:40 Sub Vet Men    
D - 06:45 Vet Men              
E - 06:50 All Ladies            
F – 07:00 Master /Grand Master 
G – 07:05 Open
TA – Men
TB – Ladies
TC – Mixed

A - 09:30 Elite Men 09:30
T -09:35 Tandems *  
C –09:40 Sub Vet Men 
D -09:45 Vet Men 
E –09:50 All Ladies  
F –10:00 Master /Grand Master 
G –10:05 Open 
TA – Men
TB – Ladies
TC – Mixed  

A -12:30 Elite Men 
T -12:35 Tandems * 
C -12:40 Sub Vet Men  
D -12:45 Vet Men  
E –12:50 All Ladies  
F –13:00 Master /Grand Master  
G –13:05 Open 
TA – Men
TB – Ladies
TC – Mixed 

A -15:30 Elite Men  
T -15:35 Tandems * 
C -15:40 Sub Vet Men 
D -15:45 Vet Men 
E –15:50 All Ladies 
F –16:00 Master /Grand Master  
G –16:05 Open  
TA – Men
TB – Ladies
TC – Mixed 

70 km 07:30
35 km 07:40

During the Race

Know your starting time and starting group – STARTING IN/WITH THE WRONG GROUP WILL LEAD TO DISQUALIFICATION!!

Although there are water points on the route, make sure to carry your own water and sufficient energy drinks.

On the 175km route take NOTE and care at the TUNNEL CYCLIST HAVE RIGHT OF WAY. Although there will be lighting inside the tunnels – remember to

Note the “Cat eyes and potholes” on the route, around the turns and even on the straight tar surfaces. Abide to normal road rules and keep left at all times.

All potholes will be brightly
marked if there are any.

GOOD NEWS!! The bridge after Schoemansdal is eventually fixed and no more cobblestone area.

After the Race

Participants crossing the finish line – collect your special medal at the venue entrance.

The traditional potjieskos there will be ready for prize giving and there is a vegetarian option this year t00 and will be served from about 18:00.

Enjoy a snack form one of the many stalls.

Stay for the prize-giving and entertainment.

Prize Money

Elite Men and Woman (19 to 29)
1st R7500.00
2nd R5000.00
3rd R2500.00
4th R1000.00
5th R 500.00

Elite Men and Woman Hotspots
1. Mountain View ( Only Men) R700.00
2. Saltpans R700.00
3. Spitskop R700.00
4. Otto’s Hoogte R700.00  

Tandem Men / Ladies / Mixed
1st R3000.00
2nd R2000.00
3rd R1500.00
4th R800.00
5th R400.00  

Sub Vet (30 to 39) / Vets (40 to 49) / Maters (50 to 59) / Grand Maters (60+)
1st R2000.00
2nd R1200.00
3rd R800.00

70 km All men and woman age category prize money will be equal
1st R1000.00
2nd R600.00
3rd R400.00

35 km All men and woman age category prize money will be equal
1st R500.00
2nd R250.00
3rd R100.00

Elites Total R16500.00 x2 R33000.00
Hotspots Total R2800.00 x 2 R4900.00
Tandems Total R7700.00 x 3 R23100.00  
Other Categories Total R4000.00 x 8 R32000.00  
Total Prize Money for 175 Km R93000.00

70km Total R2000.00 x 12 R24000.00
35km Total R850.00 x 14 R11900.00
Total Prize Money for the Kremetart R127200.00

Waiver and Idemnity

Participants take part entirely at their own risk and agree that they shall have no claim whatsoever against the Organising Committee, any individual or official, marshal, assistant, helper or agent, the sponsors or any local authority or their employees, in respect of any loss or damage whatsoever which participants may suffer arising from any injury to their person or loss or damage to their property as a result of, or arising out of, whether directly or indirectly, the participants' arrival and departure there from, attendance at registration, prize-giving or other function thereof, any loss or damage to bicycles or other equipment, however such loss or damage may arise regardless of whether or not the same shall have been caused directly or indirectly by the negligence, albeit gross, of one or more of all the aforementioned parties. Persons signing this entry form as guardian of a minor hereby consent to such minor being bound by the a foregoing and further indemnify the organisers and aforementioned parties to the extent, of any, to which such minor is not capable of waiving his/her rights as stipulated above. Persons taking part in the ZZ2 KREMETART as part of a team and whose entries were made on their behalf are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions by virtue of their participation in the ZZ2 KREMETART.

Force Majeure:
No entry fee shall be refunded to a participant for a cancellation of the Event due to acts of God (so called Force Majeure), which acts shall include but not be limited to adverse weather conditions, riots, strikes, political unrest and/or any other occurrence not within the control of the event organiser.

The participant agrees to abide by the rules of the ZZ2 KREMETART, and confirms that she/he has read them, and understands that she/he takes part in the ZZ2 KREMETART at his/her own risk and indemnifies the sponsors and/or organisers against any claim which may result from his/her participation. The participant further understands that it is his/her responsibility to be medically fit to take part in the ZZ2 KREMETART. This indemnity applies equally to teams entering under the rules and conditions of entry. In entering the ZZ2 KREMETART, the participant understands that the Organising Committee will take photographs of the event including participants to the event and she/he consents to such photographs being taken at the event and being used for promotional and publicity purposes at the Organising Committee’s sole discretion. The participant further understands and accepts that the photographs are and will remain the property of the sponsors and/or organisers.  

© Copyright 2019 All licensed riders are to abide by ZZ2 KREMETART Terms and Conditions and CSA rules and regulations